ACT gave a start to its running with Umut and Harun Icli at guitars, Kemal Payzin at drums in order to make extreme metal in Izmir in 2012. For bass guitar Emin Koklu and for vocals Kaan Dincer joined the team and with the completion of the team, they focused on the records of their album "World's a Stage" in the following period.

Group's name has been shaped according to the certain concepts' of the songs and by inspring from socio-politic activism.

When 'World's a Stage's recordings were completed in 2013 summer, ACT started the promotion arrangements and as a result of this heavy work, they had a label agreement with USA Sliptrick Records.

Right after, they have finished their video clip for the song "Civil Clash" and still continue their promotion and distribution running with Sliptrick Records banderol throughout the world. Additionally, they take the stage for promotional concerts of "World's a Stage" and have already started to work on the second album's composition in the framework of extreme metal again.

Recorded & produced by IZO, apri 2013.
Artwork by AYBARS ALTAY & ixir tanitim.
Photography by METE KEKILLI.
All music & lyrics by ACT.

ACT | Izmir | Turkey
Extreme Metal | Death Metal

World's a stage | Sliptrick Records | 2014

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Track Listing

  • The Solution
  • Walking On The Path
  • Trapped Nation
  • No Way
  • Fratricidal Quarrel
  • Civil Clash
  • You Owe Us Blood
  • Sanguine
  • It Makes You Right
  • But I Stare
  • The Shattered
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