'Fratricidal Quarrel' (Official Video)
NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO: Fratricidal Quarrel
Enjoy it! Cheers!
Directed by Mete Kekilli
'No Way' (Official Video)
Hi people, here is the video of our No Way!

Directed by Mete Kekilli
'Civil Clash' (Official Video)
Hi people, here is the video of our Civil Clash!

Directed by Mete Kekilli
NEW VIDEO 'Civil Clash' (teaser)
We will release our Civil Clash music video on FEB.

Directed By Mete Kekilli (www.metekekilli.com)

and special thanks to "Belma, Ulas, Merve from Cafe Quartet" , "Yigit Ozer" and "Benay Havucovska" for their amazing work of art.
Licensed by Sliptrick Records
ACT's new album 'World's a stage' is due to be licensed and distributed worldwide by Sliptrick Records.

Digital release on 27th of FEB 2014
Physical releaseon 7th of MARCH 2014

Act will bang your heads with World's a Stage.
'till we meet again, keep watching...
Coming soon!
New year with two great news!
Stay tune! Happy new year!
Michael Jackson & ACT & SETH ECT
Michael Jackson & ACT & SETH ECT
They Don't Care About Us

All I wanna say is that, They don't really care about us...
Dear friends;
ACT is watching the gezi parkı protestations of turkish citizens(it's happening all arund the country) with worldwide public opinion in a parallelism.

There is an unacceptable interveniton by the police department to the activists. and we can say; it has turned to a process which is out of the human rights and a civil politic reaction extortion by the police and government.

First we have to explain there is a huge pain and sorrow in our minds and hearts; for the people who's died, injured and/or damaged in this protests.

But in following days we have to keep calm and stay in passive resistance. impotance of passive resistance is growing for social-political stability.

Please keep away from stimulations. Then we can take back our rights that have taken from us by the government. i know it's hard to keeping calm. resist; for a lightened political area, qualified democracy and life. so that's why ACT's with you in squares.
with our deepest greetings and respect...

resist 'em all Turkey...
World's a Stage (Album Sampler)
World's a Stage album is finally completed. Soon it will be out. Here is a sampler for you. Hope to see you in upcoming gigs & shows.
It Makes You Right - with lyrics - released
"World's a stage" album's first song "It makes you right" is on ACT's official YouTube channel.
World's a Stage album recording is over
Click to watch It Makes Your Right (drum recording session) from the World's a Stage album.
World's a Stage teaser just released
The teaser for the World's a Stage album is finally over. It's directed and written by Mete Kekilli. We used "Trapped Nation" for the teaser. You can click the image for watching the video (Arya, the girl with the little bird)
We're just start recording the upcoming album
We're just start recording the Word's a Stage album which is producing by Izmael. We're planning to finish the whole album for one month. Also there's 12 songs in the Word's A Stage album.
Word's a Stage album cover
Word's a stage album cover just released. Consept and design made by Umut Içli. You can click the image to see the album cover.
Band pictures
Band photoshoots by Mete Kekilli and art design by Aybars Altay. You can click the image to see the ACT photoshoots.
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